Sunny Days vs.Skin Damage

These beautiful sunny days are upon us and we should be able to enjoy them without fear of skin damage.  Even with the use of sunscreen it is still posssible to suffer some skin damage. Vascutin can help repair that damaged skin. The bioflavenoids (rutin & hesperidine) are powerful antioxidants that contain anit-inflammatory properties, helping to keep the walls of your veins strong. The vitamin C contained in Vascutin is needed to  manufacture two proteins called collagen and elastin. Both of these proteins help to keep the vein walls flexible and strong.The collagen helps repair the skin damage and the elastin keeps the skin more vibrant.  Vitamin C is very important if you bruise easily, vitamin C will help to improve the strength of your capillaries reducing the bruising damage.

So make you order for a bottle of Vascutin and break out the bikinis and speedos.  It's time for some fun in the sun!!!

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Summer is Almost Here

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