Resting Heart Rate Improvement

After a week of taking the Vascutin product, I’ve noticed that my resting heart rate has decreased!  I was only able to complete a couple of low intensity aerobic workouts, but have seen a somewhat significant decrease in my resting heart rate.  My original resting heart rate (if you recall from the previous articles) was 75.  On 23 May, about a week later, I measured my resting heart rate in the same conditions and it was 68.  That’s 7 beats lower!  Like I said, I only did a couple of low intensity aerobic workouts, and didn’t expect to see much improvement at all.  However, with the extra help from Vascutin, I’ve been able to make significant improvements that I’m assuming without the Vascutin supplement might have taken weeks with many more workouts included!  Keep checking back for more on my workout plan and progress, and more ways to keep track of cardiovascular fitness.

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