Do You Have Poor Circulation?

If your feet are painful after spending several hours in high heels or after wearing poor-fitting shoes for several hours, you’re probably not affected by a serious health condition, but if your feet and hands get swollen, puffy, painful and discolored frequently and for no apparent reason, poor circulation may be the culprit. Here are 5 symptoms that will help you spot this health problem. Vascutin will help to remedy all these symptoms by improving circulation and allowing the nutrients and oxygen to reach the affected areas.

Muscle cramps and painful legs

Most people complain about their poor circulation if they experience tingling and numbness in their feet, or if their legs get swollen after spending the entire day standing or sitting. But the stinging pain in the limbs and the muscle cramps can also be the result of poor circulation, as muscles no longer receive the proper amount of oxygen they need for functioning properly. When too little oxygen reaches the limbs, they become cold and muscle cramps can occur.

Swelling of the tissues

If circulation is poor, fluid from the slowed blood flow can accumulate in the hands and feet, leading to the swelling of tissues and causing puffiness and itching. This happens because the circulatory system cannot push the blood back from the limbs to the heart in an effective manner and leaves some fluid behind, in an effort to lighten the load and make this task easier.
This fluid accumulates inside the tissues and causes edema or the swelling of hands and feet. You can identify this symptom by simply pressing the skin with your finger; if the indentation remains visible for more than 5 seconds, you might suffer from poor circulation.

Varicose veins

If the blood vessels don’t work efficiently in pushing the fluid back to the heart, or the valves that pump the blood are weakened, they allow blood to build up and to cause the swelling and twisting of the veins. Although at the beginning the swelling may not be visible, they’ll still cause pain when standing for long periods, and may also lead to itchiness. If the accumulation of blood is significant, the veins bulge out and become unaesthetic.

Increased tiredness

Poor blood circulation leads to tiredness as your entire body receives a reduced amount of oxygen and nutrients. Muscles that are poorly nourished and oxygenated tend to get tired much faster, as fuel is not produced in an efficient manner. As a result, your muscles become sore, you feel energy deprived and your endurance is affected.

Concentration problems

Your brain requires nutrients and oxygen to function properly, so when the blood flow is reduced, it’s not only your limbs, liver or digestive system that are affected. The brain also suffers, as it relies heavily on the blood flow, so if you feel unable to focus and to think clearly, if your short term memory less effective than it used to be, and you no longer feel determined to accomplish tasks during the day or to look for solutions for work problems, you may be suffering from poor circulation.

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