Stopped The Pain

Vascutin has stopped the pain in my legs and the tingling in my toes.

-Earl P.

Reduced The Effects That I Have Felt For Years

As a ten-year diabetes patient and a one-month user of Vascutin, I can say without hesitation that this product has reduced the effects that I have felt for years in my legs and feet. The sensations in my lower body are gone and my agility has improved.

- Jack E.

I Was Amazed

Dear Doctor Fournet,
When I was released from the hospital three years ago the overall prognosis for my recovery was not very good, due to Congestive Heart Failure, caused by Pulmonary Hypertension. At the time, this heart condition caused a level 2 edema of fluid build up in my legs, which was very painful. When I went to your store to purchase pressure stockings for my swollen legs, you stated that in a week I would no longer needs the stockings if I started taking Vascutin. I took your advice and started taking Vascutin that day.

I was amazed at how the level 2 edema in my lower legs started to clear up in just a few days. In less than a week, I was edema free and have never suffered from edema in my legs since. You were right, I did not need the stockings, once the Vascutin started to improve the circulation in my legs. Since starting Vascutin, my overall health and quality of life has also improved. I have recommended Vascutin to everyone I know. Doctor Fournet, I thank you for recommending Vascutin three years ago. you have literally saved my life. May God Bless You.

- Respectfully yours,
Robert M. Castillion

Increased My Circulation

I've been taking Vascutin for 6 months now and it has decreased the swelling in my ankles and feet. I feel as if it has increased my circulation. It works with my diabetes and I haven't had any side effects.
-B. Delco

The Pain Is Gone

I had ugly looking vein in my legs. I started having trouble and tried everything, even exercises and creams. Nothing worked. Then, I heard about Vascutin. After three bottles, the pain is gone.
- J. La Maison

Watched The Veins Fade Away

I had problems with varicose veins. My legs were hurting and veins showed all on my legs. Several doctors prescribed medication that didn't work. My pharmacist recommended Vascutin. I'm now pain-free, filled with energy, and have watched the veins fade away.
- C. Jackson 

The Pain Was All Gone

I had a good amount of pain in my legs. My doctors gave me all sorts of medicine that failed to do the job. My pharmacist told me about Vascutin. After sixteen days I came back into the pharmacy with tears of joy. I had been in pain for such a long time, and then the pain was all gone! I have been taking Vascutin for one year now, and I have no pain in my legs.
- J. Burgess

The Pain Went Away

I'm a diabetic and was having problems with my left foot. It was burning and the feeling was beginning to spread into my leg. My pharmacist recommended that I try Vascutin for the burning. After following the prescription dosing for several weeks, the pain went away. I'm now on my third bottle and the burning has yet to return. I will continue to take Vascutin as part of my diabetic program. I want to thank my pharmacist and Vascutin for sharing this product with me. I will continue to tell everyone what Vascutin did for me.
- L. Arton

Greatly Reduced The Effects of Diabetes

I've been a diabetic for 10 years and using Vascutin for one month now. I can now say, without hesitation, that Vascutin has greatly reduced the effects of diabetes that I have felt for years. The progress can especially be felt in my feet and legs. Sensation and agility in my lower body have been significantly improved. 

- J. Evans

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