A Message From The Creator of Vascutin®


Dear Valued Customer,
Thank you for choosing Vascutin®, a trusted supplement for improving vascular health. I believed in the product when I created it over 40 vears ago, and hold that same conviction today. It's no mystery that a sound vascular system is linked to healthier veins, skin and ultimately lifestyle.

Unfortunately, though, poor vascular health is predominant in many Americans - causing strokes, leg pains, lung disease, hematomas (hemorrhagic purpurea) and·mental disorders. Diabetes, which causes poor vascular health, is the number one cause of blindness in America. Poor vascular health is also the primary cause of amputation of the toes, feet and legs.

Vascutin® restores the elasticity to hardened arteries and veins throughout the body, and can offer vital support against these complications. The causes of poor vascular health are many- diabetes, smoking, genetics. No matter the cause, we believe Vascutin® can offer vital support to your deteriorated blood vessels and circulatory system.

As a pharmacist, I know the importance of nutrients on a healthy circulatory system. Vascutin® performs an important function by permitting the blood vessels to operate at normal capacity, thereby delivering the maximum amount of blood to vital organs and other parts of the body.

This doesn't just help the afflicted. Many have even benefited from using Vascutin® prior to surgery as a precautionary tool, experiencing a notable reduction of blood loss during the surgical procedure.

When I created this compound, I knew what it could offer. Vascutin® has helped many through the years, and I sincerely hope you find positive results of your own. I urge you to follow the regimen to the best of your ability, and wish you the best in your health.



Gerard Fournet, P.D.

Creator of Vascutin®

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