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It's no mystery that a sound vascular system is linked to healthier veins, skin and ultimately, lifestyle. Poor vascular health is predominant in many Americans causing strokes, hematomas (hemorrhagic purpurea) and mental disorders. Diabetes, which causes poor vascular health, is the number one cause of blindness in America. It is also the primary cause of amputation of the toes, feet and legs.

Smokers, in particular, should take Vascutin® because smoking has a profoundly adverse effect on all blood vessels. It causes the veins and arteries to become brittle, stiff and fragile which deprives the organs of adequate blood flow and therefore, oxygen. 

Diabetics benefit most from Vascutin® because the disease process robs the blood vessels of their ability to function properly. Vascutin® replaces the components of the blood vessels, which supply the eyes, heart and lungs with oxygen and nutrients for proper health. 

Vascutin® performs an important function by permitting the blood vessels to operate at normal capacity, thereby delivering the maximum amount of blood to vital organs and to all parts of the body.

Other benefits of Vascutin® include its use by patients scheduled for surgery. Patients taking Vascutin®, for at least 2 to 3 weeks prior to surgery, have experienced a marked reduction of blood loss during the surgical procedure. In many cases, these same patients recover at a faster rate than normally expected. Often, with a Vascutin® regimen, surgical repair the to veins of the legs may be avoided.

Blindness (diabetic myopathy, painful legs and numbness of feet (diabetic neuropathy), lung disease (emphysema, chronic bronchitis), discoloration of the skin (hemorrhagic purpurea), can all be helped by Vascutin®> restoration of the elasticity to the hardened arteries and veins throughout the body. All of these and people with peripheral artery disease and even those suffering from nosebleeds can benefit significantly by taking Vascutin®.

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